Tuesday, September 15, 2015

24-Sep-15 (584) Heritage day.

Today I started a new project in terms of my "add more content" decision that I took yesterday. You can read all about it here (don't go there today 24 Sept it is still WIP) - it'll be work in progress for the next month or two but here it is http://www.aded.co.za/heritage-sites-monuments-in-sa/152-heritage-switchboard if you are interested in all the Historical monuments as listed in JJ Oberholtsters book "The Historical monuments of South Africa"!

This is a project similar to the South African Place Names project that I started a few years ago. You can read all about that one here: http://placenamessa.blogspot.co.za/2008/06/place-names-in-south-africa.html
Ok this is a identifyable day - let us have a look at where I am this day next year. The same with the Rugby World Cup = Where is the next one going top be held where will you be in the next 4 years, these are interesting cycles against which one can measure ones life.

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