Thursday, September 17, 2015

1 September 2015 (607) -1

This is the first page of the blog. I am trying to get blogger to put my oldest post on top. This does not seem possible - so I decided to create all the pages leading up to my departure on the 1st of May 2017 now; and then I will just fill in the blank spaces as things (and time) progresses.

So, one can read the story in sequence down to the current date. Or if you wish to go to a particular date (like today's date) just fill in the date in the search box and come to where I am now in my journey. You can also search for any other stuff that I have written that may interest you. I have run into a problem - Blogger sees me as a robot, so I have to prove that I am a human - I am tired of selecting cars, ice-cream and popcorn to prove that I am not a robot. I am not a robot - see I have selected them all correctly! . Why don't they give one the option to reverse order my blog postings in the first place!

On the 1st of May 2017 I am going to get on my bicycle and cycle from Cape Agulhas in South Afica to Cape Horn in South America. Are you part of my story or not? I need R 6 million in cash - I intend getting it by any legal means possible.

Follow me here and see how it pans out. Join me on my ride! If you can think of any way that you can help me to reach the goal let me know. email me at cmh at aded
- Just read to the line. Below the line is just my notepad (if I write a book or something) You can read the story in sequence or just pick it up from today's date (the only problem now is that you have to click older to get to the newer posts!.

I am inviting you to become part of my story. As I indicated - I need R 6 million in cash - I intend getting it by any legal means possible. Follow me here and see how it pans out.

Join me on my ride! (Just read up to his line - below the line are just rabmblings, thoughts and half-baked ideas) ======================================================================================================= Here are some articles to inspire you (and me). R 0 (note on 5 Sept: get gail's bike ready for 94.7 - will be taking it in on Tuesday. Also my bike's gear cable needs to be fixed.(All in preparation of the 603 days away!)


That is a bit tedious, so I will continue the process when google has forgotten that I am acting like a robot.

I guess that this is also an analogy of what needs to be done in relation to the R 6 000 000 project - act in a repetitive way in doing what is necessary to achieve ones goal. This again is not dissimilar to the actual cycling activity of getting from one place to another (from Cape to Cape by Bike) - or getting from where you are to where you want to be. The answer in all cases: One pedal after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other,...and also to enjoy the ride and the experience in between!

My brother (Andre) always said that one has to get the time past - this is my way.

How am I going to do it? I have a range of projects in mind - I'll be using these pages to Flesh them out, think them through and action them. but now I have to prove that I am not a robot (!) Currently there are a few avenues.

The first idea is already being implemented. I'll be talking to gail - my partner in this endeavour as to how much we should be sharing about it. let us call it the blanket project.

The second is the APP project. Once again I will be divulging the details as the project takes shape.

Eventually I hope to document a map of actions that others may want to follow in their attempt to live their dreams (corny eh?)

Then project 3 is earning a salary as a lecturer at Mancosa (I wonder how much they will pay me for this link?)

Don't tell them of my plans - I haven't told them yet!

Project 4 are the other blogsites we have such as through which we hope to make some money on advertising and backlinks (which we need to explore). In the meantime if you run a cycle accessories or sporting equipment outfit - talk to us at cmh at aded dot

A part of the provider of blogsite content is the one you are reading now and the training in Economics site, which I will have to explore more to see how one may be able to increase revenue.

Then - number 5 - Gail is also getting a salary from the FMF

No.6 is trying to make a few bucks by trading online on E-toro; but I must admit - I have not been very successful so far.

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