Thursday, September 17, 2015

04-Sep-15 Clarify the target (604) -4

04-Sep-15 It works like this R6,000,000 over 600 days = R 10 000 per day. At he current price a 10th KR is R1 450 - therefore I need to earn/make 6,69 of 1/10 KR per day (or +/- R 10 000 per day at today's price of +/- $1120 per oz at an exchange rate of R13 for a dollar) it sounds impossible, doesn't it. Let me show you how it is done. I believe that if you set a worthwhile goal and you pour into it all the focus and energy that you have, it can be achieved. And if not, well you have tried. The story of shooting for the stars and reaching the moon - which is not a bad achievement on its own. But if you do reach the goal - not only will it be an inspiration to everybody else - you will also be getting on your bike and live life as it was intended(!) to be lived.

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