Tuesday, September 15, 2015

19-Sep-15 - Saturday (589)

The days are ticking by, but I do have a sense that I am on a path and that I am acting in a more focused way. It is very similar to the feeling one gets when cycling long distance. Just to do what one has to do to do the job.

The milestones that I have to achieve each day just are not as clear as it would be on the road, It seems to be much more complex. Perhaps it is because I have not worked out a neat system yet.

I will be working on that.

I guess it is back to marking for now!

No gambling = R 700 up! First four books on Amazon ============================================================================================================ So to day at 14h00 I Recorded my Adsense income : R 35

My month to date R 633

Value Etoro R 2400 SAB R 751 +R700 TOTALR 4484 /19 = 249pd (x590)=146 975 =.02449592259 (/6000000)

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