Tuesday, September 15, 2015

17-Sep-15 (591)


Here are the things that I am working on - to help me get to the ultimate goal.

Lecture at Mancosa

Speculate on Etoro

Have some SAB shares

Do some work for Lipsa

Sell Blankets

Adsense income

Other projects(Ill expand on therse as thing progress)



OK now I have to start working on what I call "The Cycle of success"

I have been very haphazard in conducting my life - I have been calling it a random walk.

That is just how it is. Too many things interest me, too many things divert my attention. The one moment I want to do this, the next it is that.

I don't persist and work on something for a long time. At the Dale Carnegie Course that I did in 1977 they called it stick-to-iteveness"!

That is wy I am now going to work hard on changing it.

So to day at 14h00 I Recorded my Adsense income : R 65,38

My month to date R 573

Value Etoro R 2400 SAB R 751 TOTALR 3724 /17 = 219pd (x591)=129 429 =.0215715 (/6000000) I acted on Libparty by sending trevor an Email

I acted on Libdin By phoning Colin (How does one set up and administrator)

This morning I went to Samsung

I got Gail's wheels

I Cheked My Gmail

I Cheked

Yahoo mail

I Checked Twitter

I posted on Google Plus

I did not mark

I read Facebook

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